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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloweeners NYC vs. ATHENS

Ahh, here I am again. Soon, I hope to be writing about my "firsts" in other regions, but for now, another NY experience.

Halloween 2009. I don't even need to discuss, explain, or offer any insight to what this means to my OU people, but on the slight, whimsical chance that I might have someone not familiar reading, Halloween is the biggest and most infamous time of the year. People from miles around, I'm talking book a flight, get a hotel type traveling to get to OU for Halloween. Court Street officially closes to non-foot traffic and the bars open their doors for an extra hour, and who knows how much more money. Well, its actually very similar in NYC.

New York City, sad to say, simply outdoes Athens in the Halloween party mash-up. I hate to say it, but the sheer volume of people and actual organization into a "parade" featuring more than 50 bands kinda took it over the top. The parade in the "East Village," of the Manhattan borrough of course, continues along several blocks. I would even venture to say that the parade is miles (maybe 2, lets be real were talking about an island) long and there are literally THOUSANDS of people. Their costumes range from sexy-anything to full blown pirate ships, to someone walking around as an actual restaurant-serving food from her costume. It really was a sight to see.

The best part about this particular NYC Village Halloween Parade was the Michael Jackson, THRILLER Tribute Dancers. I kid you not, that's really a group. Every couple of blocks, they would crank up Thriller and do the entire zombie dance sequence, with all the Michael Jackson impersonators upfront in the crowd. These people were TRUE fans--especially when it began raining and they kept going. However, the costumes and debauchery did not stop or for that fact, even start there.

Every bus and train I saw had people dressed in costumes riding them. Face paint, ruffles, feathers, leather and lace filled the streets, subways, buses and taxis of NYC, whether they were attached to someone or just the remains of a costume gone wrong. I did love it, but I was NOT inclined to participate. These people were REALLY into it. Usually Halloweeners at OU use the night time to dress scandalously, if they are a man they dress up in drag (a secret fantasy they can let emerge for one night of the year) and its an excuse to drink away the quarter. And, if you're heading to Baker Center, dance your costume off, and that extra 15lbs you've accumulated from that pizza and beer every week for the past 8 weeks. Now New Yorkers, its a whole different kind of party...

Halloween is really the celebration of the dead- All Hallows Eve the day before All Saints Day, I'll leave it to you to learn the history. Many people take it seriously though. Their costumes cost money and time. I'm not talking order it off the internet and go costumes, I am talking hand-crafted, professional make-up and props costumes. Some people have clearly "budgeted" Halloween into their Fiscal year. To each his own right? Did I mention they even show the parade on television? Yeah, its that serious. If you are in the city and not doing SOMETHING for Halloween, its almost the equivalent to being alone on Christmas, or New Years (if you even care).

Halloween 2009, a site to remember. Will I experience it NYC style again? I hope not. But it was good, better than Athens street-walking, but I can't speak for any Halloween "parties." Whoa nelly, another pseudo-positive first. later lovies.

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