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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boy don't try to front, I know just what you are....Womanizah!

Well well well. I've been pondering over what to write this week and while nothing major has happened on the "New York Firsts" front that I am trying to stick to on this blog, some things have been happening personally. Yeah, you guessed it. I am going to write about "relationships-and the lack of them" I warned you, you can look away if you want to, but here I go on the NY Dating scene. Or maybe I should say the New York-I see a smart-young-female-withaJOB-and-living-alone-So-I-should-take-advantage-scene.

I have been in NY for about a month and I must say it is teeming with seemingly, let me stress that again seemingly, available men. And, I will add that several of them have not been afraid to speak, hence NYPD. So, recently I've met a few native New Yorkers--not Manhattanites, but New Yorkers (there is a difference). I want to get into specifics, but I can't do that without extreme embarrassment on their part, and while I do not have many readers, you just can't trust these people not to stalk you..LOL. But I will give the necessary details of their horrible traits..

Alright, so one guy I know does not have a car. No big deal really in NYC except that in the areas like Queens, Bronx, etc the subway stops are all located near, dare I say, less than safe neighborhoods (again with the exception of Manhattan. In fact, lets just ignore the fact that Manhattan even exists for this post). So sure they can get around easily on the trains and buses. However, I find it difficult to swallow when someone asks you out to dinner, but tells you to drive. What? I am sure anyone can imagine the look on my face when this guy asked me that. First of all, you're asking me out on a date and basically saying to pick you up instead of making arrangements or ASKING if we can meet or something--and HE KNOWS I am not from here and its impossible to park anywhere. Trifling.

So another person I randomly met (there's a lot of opportunity to meet people randomly when you get lost every minute you try to drive somewhere here) was very nice. Respectful, funny, and attractive would all be words I would use to describe him. Oh yeah and psycho. After our first interaction and several calls later (yeah my ego was gettin' big) I decided we could get together and hang out at my apartment. WRONG! BAD! HORRIBLE IDEA! He comes over and everything is cool, until he asks me if I would mind him moving in with me. LOL. After my initial reaction, and it really was a laugh-out-loud, I told him he didn't know me and that I am not that type of woman. I would have to be engaged to even consider something like that. And that is when he LOL'ed. Trifling**. And this dude is extra trifling for being over the age of 29. Trifling, with a side of Desperation.

These situations are humorous to me, but I do have to admit when more than one person or thing comes into your life that you do not want, you have to ask yourself what about you is attracting that person. I wonder is it?...

-My Southern Drawl (In case you didnt know, now I'm from the South because I am from Ohio-get a map idiots and a speech therapist. I'm from the same area where newcasters from around the world train to speak using CLEVELAND OHIO Dialect!)
-an addendum to this one... people also tend to think I am stupid because of how I speak..often explaining things over and over when I assured them I understand and do not have a hearing problem.

-My thicker-than-average, Fick (fat and thick mixed), body shape--apparently NY men seem to think its interesting because everyone around here is either stick thin, or morbidly overweight, I am a happy medium it seems.

-My braces smile. People are always talking about it, like good teeth are something unheard of in the area (and it seems kinda true, the water is not that great).

-My smiling, head-nodding, generally friendly (yes, here I am considered salutations and greetings, even to people I don't know, even when they give me dirty looks or act like they didn't see me or hear me.

And I think that is about all. I mean, no one really knows me or anything else about me so what else can I say? I guess I know how to attract 'em (said with my best Southern accent).

NY dating scene = Trifling**

**1. (adj.) Describing a situation, person, or event that is pathetic.

i.e."Man, you didn't wash yo' a$$ after sleeping with that girl?! You just triflin'!!" definition--not that I would ever use this as a reference, but it seemed fitting for the post :)


  1. This makes me want to walk around NYC with you (of course, with a specific destination in mind; i mean, who wanders around aimlessly?) and see what kind of people we run into. Then make fun of them all the while eating some Pinkberry.

    I'm sorry your attracting the creeps...they're just not used to the good stuff around there. You should make a few gay friends, you know they'll get your back!!!

    miss ya :)

  2. so basically what you're tellin me is that dating in a new place is just as bad as datin in the same place you been tryin to meet ppl...

    meetin a good man is hopeless!

  3. First time I am seeing this.
    *Hilarious. "Trifling with a side of desperation"
    *"Southern Drawl?" I wonder what they'll say about mine being from Nigeria and all :-)
    I see your experiences have been eventful to say the least. I hope all goes well out there tho'. I'll keep checking back for more.