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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Was Here!

Hello Friends!

I had a good week so far. I counted my calories every day. I worked out four times (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday). And finally, I went to THREE restaurants for Summer 2011 Restaurant Week. I know that three restaurants seems like a lot in a week, but given the circumstances ($24 or $35 for "fancy" restaurant fare), I think its worth it. I went to Maze by Gordon Ramsey, Destino (an Italian restaurant on the East side), and Trattoria Dell'Arte, another Italian place across from Carnegie Hall. All three had good food, although I'd say Destino definitely had the best service of all. Although it was very tempting to just say, "oh forget counting calories, its a special occasion," I refrained. Instead, I adjusted the food I ate earlier in the day to accommodate the extra calories, I worked out almost daily, and I ate what I wanted, in small portions. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty good about myself.

I think this time around the "lifestyle change" track I am more dedicated to actually thinking about what I am putting in my mouth, instead of thinking of points and how I'll play a numbers game with them later. Before, when I did WW (still love this program) I often knew how to eat small bites and manipulate the points, but now it seems like when I see the actual CALORIES involved, it makes it harder to eat such high-fat foods when I know I can have twice the amount of vegetables for half if not less than the calories of the "fatty" food. I know that sounds a little um, crazy, but when you are trying to stick to a specific goal everyday, it makes it easier. Now, that is not to say I do not want to taste that food, or eat vegetables instead of say, salt and vinegar chips or a little Debbie brownie, but I also want to eat again later that day. I want to eat it all, trust me. But, fitting into a skirt that I have had in my closet for 2 years feels much better than I think a brownie or chips might taste right now. Also, the food is temporary, obviously the skirt isn't going anywhere. I digress. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I believe I am finally developing enough discipline to make smarter choices, even in tough situations (Restaurant Week!).

Well, since I brought it up, I might as well discuss it. I recently cleaned out my closet. I got rid of things I haven't worn, things I was just tired of wearing,  and took inventory of things I hadn't worn in a while, but would like to soon. Low and behold, there were 2 Old Navy brand skirts that I bought a while ago thinking that they'd fit. When I got them home, they did not. And when I say did not fit, I mean more like "really? you thought this would fit?" In fact, I got these skirts when Old Navy had their dressy/work-clothes section actually still IN the store. Anyway, I thought to myself, oh I'll just try them on quickly. YESSSSSS! <-- that was my reaction when I tried on the first one. Now, these are still not small sizes, but I was just so happy to see some progress. It's the little things I guess :)

So, what's up for next week? More gym, more counting, and more variety I think. I am going to try some new recipes, try to up the veggie intake and see how I do. Oh yeah.. last time I wrote I talked about pre-cooking some meals. Well that worked and didn't work. Most of the days I went out, but the food that I did cook was great, especially that Ranch dressing! I love it. The pasta sauce went over well and so did the taco meat. I didn't care for the soup so much, but I think its because I have a thing about leftovers..eew. I just think I need to cook everyday. It's better fresh. We'll see how it goes this week. Beach day tomorrow, so I'll catch you all later!

ps. Hope you liked my pics! The pasta has pesto made with broccoli and Parmesan cheese, which I am going to try to recreate.

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  1. Yes! That is why I am so for counting calories vs. WW. Not that WW doesn't work, but I think the calories lead to more of a lifestyle change vs. being on a diet. I am so proud of you. And don't you love digging out things in your closet that didn't fit? I feel like I have a whole new closet.

    Nadine (because posting from work hates your comment system apparently)