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Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl I'm Gonna Make You Sweat

Ok I know I just wrote recently, but I couldn't resist talking about my sweaty shirt today. I know that this may seem trivial to most, and it's really not an accomplishment to the average person, but I think its important for me to acknowledge. For months at a time I have worked out at my gym. I have also walked miles around the neighborhood, sweated in the car on a hot day, but I have NEVER been able to "sweat out" my tee shirt at the gym. Oh and I try!

I wear dark purple tee shirts, light blue tee shirts, grey tee shirts, I mean I think you get the point (all tees that sweat can easily show through). I press my shirt against my back when we get water breaks in my classes, I sometimes watch myself in the mirror to see if I can do the moves harder. I tell myself its almost over 100 times so I can do it just a little bit more (ok that probably doesn't help the sweating I try hard to get that sweat-soaked look. Today, I finally got it. And here are the reasons why (I think):

1. I stayed for the entire class - I usually have to leave 5 minutes early or arrive 5-10 minutes late because of parking/train/transportation issues. Today, I was early and stayed until the very end.

2. I struggled for the ENTIRE class - I used to do about 30% of the moves in Step Aerobics because I just didn't get it and didn't want to look stupid trying them and then messing up, majorly. Now (today especially), I don't care if I can do all the technical moves of it. I just keep stepping. Today, the routine was so confusing, I literally wore myself out with catching up for the entire class. 

3. It was very hot in Queens today - Hey, I know it wasn't ALL me :) I'm honest.

And that's it!

I am just so happy I finally could sport my sweat-soaked tee around so everyone would know I am a gym-girl. Nothing else about me would really say that I am a regular gym-goer. I don't have fancy exercise clothes really. I have 2 pairs of sweat-wicking yoga pants from Old Navy I sometimes sport and I have about 6 tee shirts that I wear over and over again. Nothing sporty or fancy like Nike logo clothes or Adidas, so one might think I am just running around. Not today though! My sweat-soaked shirt (and beet red face) was my evidence. I wore those clothes to the bank, DuaneReade, and walked around the long way to my car so I could feel the cool air on my wet back. Now, I just hope I can do it again soon!

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