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Progress Pic
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving On Up!

Hello all. I am so sorry for my absence! Let me explain, the weekend of the 23rd of July my bestie from STJ moved to NYU so I helped her do that. Then last weekend, I moved to a different residence hall on St. John's campus. So, in between those dates was a lot of packing, lifting, moving, and redecorating. Also, my mom came to visit last weekend (still sad she's gone). I have been busy to say the least. However, not too busy to keep on track..sorta.

The week before last, I wrote everything and I still exercised some. I can't remember the days I did it, but I know I did! That's what I get for not tracking my workouts immediately huh? Anyway, this past week I did okay. I tracked everything until Friday. And Saturday. Oops. I won't even try to make up an excuse about why I didn't write anything. I just didn't. I guess I just wanted to kind of test myself as well. Would I just eat whatever because "I'm not counting anyway" or "this weekend is a freebie?" Well I am proud to say, I didn't give up and go hog wild (literally-no bacon!). I still ate veggies, lean meats, and a very small amount of processed food. .More updates to come!

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