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Monday, June 13, 2011

Willing and Able...but Ready?

That's me looking frumpy in Roma!

So anyway, I have committed to a new weight loss journey and to blog about it...Now where do I start? I have read so many blogs, books, magazines, and listened to so many stories it's hard to decide how I will begin to conquer this journey. For example, I went to a conference this past weekend and there were two sessions (I attended both of course) that illustrated a Student Affairs officer's journey to their goal weight. One person did Weight Watchers, another person had gastric bypass. Bypass is not an option for me for many personal reasons, but also financially, I just can't. So, Weight Watchers...though I have done it before, I am nervous that I may not be able to commit. However, I don't think it's the WW plan that makes me hesitant. I read or heard somewhere that it takes about 7 times for someone with an eating disorder to be successful in their recovery (ok calm down, I am not saying I have a disorder). I just find that highly interesting because although a person wanting to lose weight may not be disordered, it still takes many tries to be "successful" i.e. keep the weight off for good. I guess this is about the 6th try, hopefully the last!

At this point whether it's try 6 or 8 or 29 I have to ask myself, why didn't I continue on the last time I lost weight? Whatever way I choose to do this journey can I stay the path long enough to get to my goal? I think this time the answer is yes, but I need to KNOW it. And that's where I need to change what I have done all the times before. That's where my "obsession" with all things weight-loss related is going to help me. I've learned so much and though I still have plenty of questions, I know some of the things I've done wrong in the past...

I never set small attainable goals along the major journey. I rewarded myself with food whenever I had a good weigh-in. I took "breaks" from my "diet" on vacations, weekends away, and any other time I did any little thing outside of my routine. I basically set myself up to fail. Naturally, I want to be super-dramatic and awe-inspiring here and say "THIS TIME I WILL NOT FAIL!" However, I also want to keep my realist perspective. So, I will say that this time I know I will have days that I will feel like a failure. I will have days I just want to quit and I will have a day that I will believe I have failed. However, I will not fail to keep believing in myself this time. I will not fail to recognize a bad day or bad couple days and persevere. And thankfully, you all will be here to help me :)

With all that ^ being said, what will I do to make this journey work for me this time? I'll list a few things I plan on trying...

1. 30 days of 30 minutes of physical activity - I saw this challenge on another site and I think it's a good way to get in a routine, but still be able to adjust between a 30 minute walk and 30 minutes of straight cardio without any days off in the schedule.

2. Calorie-counting of some sort (I haven't decided officially, but I am leaning toward Weight Watchers again...if anyone else has suggestions please comment and let me know)

3. Hold myself accountable here by tracking my exercise minutes...and yes my weight too..with at LEAST 2 posts per week.

I am going to try the above three things for the next 30 days. I'll then evaluate and decide my next courses of action. Good news already-I started my 30 days of physical activity today with a walk around the track.

So, in the next few days I will be posting a few pics, adding an exercise ticker, and yes, putting my weight on this site. I need some time to prepare for all that. You know, grocery shopping, organizing all the information I have gathered in the past couple months as well as taking a mental holiday to prepare myself. I'll see you again soon!


  1. Hey girl!! So glad I stumbled across your blog. I've been doing WW since the beginning of the year and really enjoy the program... I mean "lifestyle". My weight hasn't come off as quickly as I thought, but hey, it's not a race. I have my days too, where I just don't feel like tracking. But all it takes is to wake up the next day, have a glass of water and you're back on plan. Josh and I actually do it together and it's great to have the support from each other. I think you should try it. It's a lot more of a mental program than a physical one but take it a day at a time and you'll see results. Plus the weekly meeting are a great way to stay motivated too!! You can do it!!! Good luck girl.

  2. I highly, highly recommend it is a calorie counting website. It has a great database of food already searchable. And it is a little easier to "cheat" this way. If I want to have a cupcake, I just look at my calories for the day and think of how I can make that cupcake fit. I think of it less as a diet and more as my new way of eating. It has been about 8 months and I now find that I don't have to log my calories as strictly. It also allows you to log your exercise and you can put info on your blog. And plus, I could add you as a friend. And my dietician definitely subscribes to the 80/20 diet. 80% of the time, eat according to the plan. 20% of the time, be a little more free. When starting out, you might want to do more of a 90/10 just to keep on track. But I find with tracking calories vs. weight watchers I learn why I should eat certain food. Not just points. p.s. if you ever want someone to chat with or someone to convince you to go out for a walk, I will totally be there for you. I have someone I call when I don't feel like going to the gym. She gives me a pep talk and I am ready to go. She is the little angel that sits on my shoulder. And I would gladly be that for you.

    p.s. this is Nadine. I couldn't get my login to work.

  3. @Rachel, I am so proud of you and Josh! You guys better do that!!! I have done weight watchers before, but I just did not keep up with it for some reason. I am seriously considering doing it again, but I just want to be able to eat healthier and not necessarily think of it in points. Also, on WW I feel like I can easily spend $40 a month and I gotta be on a budget..I have some financial goals this year too ;) Still up in the air on it though because I really do LOVE the meetings..hmm, decisions decisions. I am glad to hear you guys are doing well and thank you so much for your support!

    @Nadine I've seen a few reviews for that site. I need to check it out again. I am just concerned that I will not be able to find certain foods or something. Also, how often do you weigh yourself and how do you track that info? I like this idea because its free, but I may need that extra motivation that a meeting can provide. Hmm. Also, I just wanted to say thank you for support. I will take you up on the offer :) I do need that little voice of reason sometimes. I'll message you on FB soon!

  4. Love the blog! I did WW online in 2010 and was somewhat successful. I now follow the program very loosely,(portion control, lots of salads and veges, no fast or fried foods) and exercise daily. Love the 30 minutes for 30 days idea. I had to come to the realization that it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

  5. Hey Soror Tiffany! Thanks for reading. I loved WW so much, but I am trying to do a lifestyle change and I think for me, it's easier to think in calories. I hope all is well for you :) Thanks for your support!